Join the protest against Serco!

The government has allowed a deadly shambles in the coronavirus crisis. It has completely mishandled every aspect of it. That is on everything from
no protective equipment
too few available beds
forcing sick people back into care homes who then spread the virus
chaotic curfews, and
a failing tracing and tracking system.

At every stage the government has relied on the private sector. At every stage Serco has been first in the queue with its nose in the trough. The government has awarded over £1.3 billion just in new outsourcing contracts alone during the crisis, with Serco getting the biggest share.

The government could have relied on the huge infrastructure of the NHS, including GPs and clinics for all of this. They could have tried to crush the virus numbers as other countries have done. Instead ministers saw it all as an opportunity to make money for their big business chums.

Serco is not the only private firm getting rich at our expense. Many others are involved. But it is the biggest winner while we all lose. And it has a long history of failure, on mistreating detained migrants, to rip-off train companies, to siphoning off from from the NHS, and much more! No more!

Join us for the protest outside SERCO 11am Saturday 17 October 100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL-

No more private rip-offs! Private profits out of our public services! Bring covid testing back to the NHS!