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People’s Assembly Activist School 2020

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Are you feeling angry about the current political situation? Are you interested in the system and making it better but do not know where to start? This activist school is for you!

It is hard to know how to actually be an activist. Sometimes people find it hard to envisage what is actually means.

We want you to come into a space where you can explore what activism and organising actually means. Alongside the theory behind why we are doing what we do.

It isn’t always obvious how to convene a meeting, how to organise a protest, how to campaign against the closure of a community resource, how to stand in solidarity with communities under attack or how to communicate to an audience which pulls people into the activism and a different way of thinking. This school will explore all of this and more.

Most importantly, we want you to know you will be welcome to learn and contribute.

Workshops will include both theory and practical.

A sustainable world
Workers’ demands in 2020
Building back our communities

Organising a meeting
Organising a protest
Communicating our message

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